How to Take Care of Your Lips?

How do you take care of your lips? We can all agree that our lips deserve some extra attention and care, considering how much we use them in our daily lives and how sensitive they are to the effects of the environment and our lifestyle choices. Just like any other part of our body, healthy lips require consistent maintenance and nourishment to remain beautiful and resilient. In this article, we’ll go over some basic lip care techniques as well as natural solutions for restoring damaged lips back to their healthy state so that you can flaunt your pouty smile without worry!

Don’t smoke

Tobacco smoke, including secondhand smoke, contains more than 7,000 chemicals. Many of these compounds are harmful to your lips—both from direct contact and exposure over time. And, if you’re a smoker or regularly in contact with people who smoke, you can pass on many of these chemicals through lip-to-lip contact or by sharing cigarettes or other tobacco products. To keep your lips healthy, it’s important not only to protect them from cigarette smoke but also to avoid sharing toothbrushes and other products that come into contact with your mouth. This will limit how much nicotine is absorbed through your lips and prevent bacteria build up due to sharing products. If you want better looking lips, try quitting smoking now!

Drink plenty of water

Like any other part of your body, your lips need water in order to stay healthy. The easiest way to drink more water? Get a straw. Not only will drinking through a straw make you feel less like you’re drinking (making it easier for you to get your eight glasses per day), but research shows that people who drink from a straw end up taking in 50 percent more fluid than those who don’t—and that means more water, too. If you prefer drinking from a glass, try adding lemon slices or cucumber slices for some flavor and appeal.

Use Sunscreen (lip balm with SPF)

If you want your lips to look and feel their best, it’s important that you follow a healthy lifestyle. Sun exposure can be very damaging, so make sure you use lip balm with SPF. You should also pay special attention to how you take care of your lips when using certain products, as well as during extreme weather changes. With proper care and protection, your lips will remain moist and beautiful for years to come.

Moisturize your lips often

Lip balm is a must. Not only does it help keep your lips smooth and hydrated, but it can also offer protection from elements that cause dryness and irritation. Be sure you’re applying lip balm every night before bed and during prolonged exposure to air-conditioning in summer months. Also, don’t forget about wearing sunscreen when you plan on spending time outside; it’s an important lip care product because wind, cold weather, sunlight and more can all affect your pout.

Wear lipstick, don’t bite them off

When your lips are dry, they’re more likely to crack. That said, if you want your lips to appear fuller, don’t bite them off—it may feel like a quick fix, but it’s not an attractive one. Instead, use lip gloss or lipstick (or both!) in order to make your lips look plumper. Even better: You can prevent unsightly chapping by wearing sunscreen on your lips before you hit up that BBQ or sundown beach party! If you have sensitive skin and need something even milder than a sunscreen, try using petroleum jelly on your lip area each morning and night.

Apply lip balm before going to bed

A healthy lifestyle is a must for your lips, too. Be sure you’re getting enough rest and avoiding dehydration by drinking lots of water and eating plenty of hydrating foods, like vegetables and fruits. A great way to give your lips extra love while you sleep is applying lip balm before bed. Keep it on your nightstand so it’s easy to remember! As you sleep, your body’s natural healing process kicks in—the perfect time for keeping lips at their healthiest! But remember that any sort of lip product can irritate sensitive skin, so if you have chapped or dry lips before bedtime, skip the balm and use a gentle exfoliator instead.


Taking care of your lips is essential for a healthy lifestyle. If you want lips that will be soft and supple for years, use lip products such as lip balm or tinted lip balm with SPF. These products can also keep your lips from drying out, which will help prevent painful chapping and cracking. After taking care of your lips, you should focus on other parts of your body that need attention. For example, invest in an at-home facial kit so you can cleanse skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and moisturize daily.

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