Top 10 International Travel Destinations for Students

What are the most popular travel destinations for students? In order to determine this, we surveyed thousands of students and asked them about their favorite places to visit in their free time and what made these places so popular among college students. Here are the top 10 international travel destinations for students!

1) Cuba

The number of American tourists traveling to Cuba is increasing. Over 800,000 Americans traveled to Cuba in 2016 and many of them were students who came to explore the island’s rich culture, history and cuisine. U.S.-issued passports are required when visiting Cuba and it’s recommended that travelers use a travel agent licensed by their government when booking trips as independent travel is illegal. The majority of accommodations on tour packages are basic; most places don’t offer hot water or air conditioning but they do have Wi-Fi at most facilities. For those looking to relieve stress while studying abroad, Cuba is a perfect destination; many people study yoga in Havana due to its affordable tuition fees as well as it being one of few cities in which scuba diving is available year-round.

2) Vietnam

While traveling in Vietnam, students will be delighted to find dozens of islands within close proximity to a variety of beautiful beaches. Furthermore, Vietnam also features many exotic sites such as temples and monuments. Additionally, there are many cultural and historical landmarks that are perfect for exploring by foot. There is no shortage of things to do while in Vietnam; however, with so much opportunity in sight it’s easy to forget about one’s own personal well-being. Fortunately, there are travel agents who specialize in helping tourists relieve stress while on vacation. For example, Spa-hoanglacis located right off Ocean Quay offers different massage packages that allow you relax your body after a long day at work or school or during an adventure-filled weekend away from home.

3) Greece

Greece has lots of sunshine and plenty of warm sand on its many beaches. This island country is known for its beautiful sea and seaside towns, which makes it a perfect destination if you’re in need of some rest and relaxation. Even if you don’t want to sunbathe or go sailing, Greece has history for days, making it an excellent way to get away from your day-to-day life as a student. If visiting Greece with your class or as part of an educational trip sounds like something you might enjoy, make sure to check out Tours4Students . Tours4Students will help connect you with hundreds of reputable travel agents who can create a custom itinerary based off what you’re looking for!

4) Japan

Japan is a great place to visit whether you’re traveling with friends or family. Tokyo, in particular, has a lot of shopping and cultural events to check out. It’s also nice to go during cherry blossom season. Students can also try their hand at traditional Japanese crafts while they’re in Japan – think origami! Be sure to check out all of Japan’s amazing food offerings as well. If you have time, it might be fun to take an overnight trip to Kyoto and experience that city’s tradition rich culture.

5) India

For Indians, traveling is not just a hobby; it’s a passion. After all, India is home to some of the most incredible monuments on Earth. India is also known for its wonderful beaches, where you can relax and relieve stress. And while it might not be your first choice when you think of relaxing destinations, India has many options if you want to escape somewhere fun but less touristy. And even though travel in India can be stressful and sometimes dangerous, Indian travelers know how to overcome these obstacles and take every day as an adventure. That’s why so many students choose to visit India when they’re abroad: It’s welcoming in its own unique way, offering everything from ancient palaces to cutting-edge restaurants.

6) South Africa

For travelers looking to get away from it all, South Africa is a popular choice. South Africa is home to a diverse range of landscapes, including savanna plains and deserts. Its unique wildlife attracts many tourists as well, including a large population of elephants and other species like zebra, giraffes and lions. If you’re looking for somewhere new but far from tourist traps, South Africa may be just what you’re looking for.

7) Bali

Bali is a popular travel destination for students because of its warm weather, which means you can enjoy lounging on one of Bali’s many beautiful beaches while you study! Not only is Bali cheap and fun, but it also has an impressive culture with thriving markets, festivals, and local restaurants. Plus there are plenty of activities to do in your free time such as shopping or going to classes at a Bali language school! Whether you’re interested in studying abroad or just on vacation, make sure to check out some of these popular locations!

8) Czech Republic

If you’re a student on a budget, think about skipping Europe and heading to Central or Eastern Europe instead. The Czech Republic is known for its affordable cities with vibrant nightlife and tons of gorgeous natural scenery, all within walking distance of each other. There are also plenty of great universities in Prague, which can offer degree programs that students might not be able to get at home. Housing is cheap (if you know where to look), and most young people speak some English as well as their native language so it won’t be difficult to make friends if you decide to study abroad there. Plus, Budapest isn’t far away and has equally stunning architecture along with more clubs than anyone could hope for.

9) Argentina

Whether you want to go to Buenos Aires and party like crazy, or relax on a farm outside of Mendoza, there’s something for everyone in Argentina. If you’re looking to get wild and crazy, B.A. is where it’s at; if you want culture and history, Buenos Aires is a great place to visit as well, but if you want both? Head up north. Outside of The Big City (aka Buenos Aires), you can find wineries with night-long parties that will make your head spin, stunning landscapes that will remind you of Tibet or other faraway places, ski resorts that will remind you why winter exists (the snowboarding is actually really fun) and beautiful people everywhere.

10) Guatemala

Guatemalan culture is pretty conservative and it is certainly a great place to learn Spanish. Hotels and other services in Guatemala are less expensive than comparable ones in Mexico, making Guatemala a good place to start traveling on a budget. People are often surprised by how much they like Guatemala, because they didn’t think much of it when they first heard about it. In many ways, Guatemalan cities are more low-key than cities in Mexico. You can choose between colonial or modern structures, depending on which way you want your trip to go. You’ll find that Guatemalans love having foreigners around and that you don’t have to worry about taking taxis alone at night or doing anything else that could potentially be unsafe.

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