Everything You Should Know About Beard Oil

Having a beautiful beard involves regular, daily maintenance. When we talk about maintenance, we think in particular of moisturizing skin and hair. And to do so, you must apply beard oil. Your dress style, hairstyle, and beard say a lot about who you are. And when you wear a beard, it catches the eye. 

It is for this reason, among other things, that you owe it to yourself to maintain your fleece by using suitable care such as beard oil. In this article by L’Élixir Cosmétiques, we will see together the benefits of beard oil. And also see what are the preconceived ideas about this beard treatment.

What is beard oil?

If you are one of those people who think that applying beard oil is unnecessary and futile, I highly recommend that you carefully observe the condition of your beard. And if you’ve never done anything to moisturize your fleece, you’ll notice that it’s dry, the hairs are brittle, and you are itchy.

To solve all these problems, it is necessary to apply beard oil. This treatment moisturizes skin and hair. Beard oil softens your hair and makes it more supple.

Finally, the application of beard oil allows a healthy growth of the beard and improves its aesthetics of the latter.

Why use beard oil?

Whether you’ve decided to grow a short beard or a much longer beard, the first few days of growth will be the hardest to go through. This is when you will itch the most. It is also during this time that most men crack and give up.

This is why you absolutely must use beard oil.

To stop the itching

You should know that beard hairs are thicker and stronger than hair. When they grow in and out of your skin, they cause a skin reaction. Your skin is more fragile, reacts, and manifests its gene by itching.

During this process, your skin also tends to dry out, hence these feelings of irritation. And therefore itching. A kind of call for help (your skin feels attacked) that stops once it is used to the presence of hair.

To hydrate your skin

Applying beard oil to your hairs, but also your skin will immediately give it more flexibility and comfort by moisturizing it. In the minutes which follow its application, the itching will decrease, or even stop. No more tightness and dryness of the skin, both responsible for this tickling and this irresistible urge to scratch.

Besides this unpleasant feeling of skin aggression, your beard is also prone to retain dirt and bacteria. Notice how many times a day you will touch or stroke those little hairs that adorn your face. Think you have clean hands? This is far from the case, even if you are serious about hygiene.

You may also pay as much attention as possible, you will not be able to prevent food from coming into contact with your beard. Because of all this, your beard will accumulate dirt and bacteria which will increase the unpleasant itchy sensation.

Know that the best beard cosmetics contain ingredients and essential oils with antiseptic or anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with washing every 2-3 days with a beard shampoo, they will treat your skin for small infections and improve the health of your hair. Strength and robustness!

To perfume your beard

After all, even if you are a man, you have the right to take care of yourself. Well, the makers of the best natural beard oil have developed incredible scents!

To soften it

Once the itchiness is gone, you will find yourself wanting to have a softer coat. Either for you or your other half. She will necessarily prefer a clean, soft coat to a rough coat and a thick beard. Because yes, beard oil will provide a feeling of softness after its use.

Also, note that some oils are better than others for softening the hair or making the beard softer.

The use of products adapted to beards will allow you to properly maintain your beard, and therefore make it grow better.

Misconceptions About Beard Oil

● Beard oil makes the beard oily!

Don’t imagine that beard oil will grease your fleece. Those who say this are doing what are called user errors. Because it only takes a few drops to hydrate your beard. Applied in reasonable amounts, beard oil will not leave an oily veil or give that grimy impression. Therefore, be sure to apply a sufficient amount of oil to nourish and hydrate your skin. Adjust the amount according to the length of your beard.

● Beard Oil Causes Rashes!

If your skin is prone to pimples, redness, irritation, eczema, and others … Know that beard oil will not aggravate your problems, on the contrary. Indeed, beard oil is composed of organic oils and essential oils that help maintain an optimal level of hydration and relieve skin disorders. However, be sure to read the composition of beard oil and make sure it does not contain any ingredient you are allergic to.

● Beard oil is futile coquetry!

This is wrong! In addition to nourishing and hydrating skin and hair, beard oil is also a seductive asset. It is available in a multitude of scents with a woody, fruity, citrus trail … You should know that we immediately notice someone who takes care of him and his beard. And therefore, a well-groomed beard will send a positive signal.

How to prepare before using beard oil?

Beard oil is a moisturizer. Just as you won’t be applying your moisturizer to dirty skin, it’s best to wash your beard before applying any beard treatment.

To do this, you have to wash your beard with a beard shampoo or a natural shaving soap. Be sure to rinse well and dry your fleece carefully and gently

The best time to apply beard oil is after you shower when the skin pores are open.

How to apply beard oil?

Brush your fleece, then pour a few drops of the oil into the palm of your hand. Usually, 3/4 drops are enough to moisturize a medium beard. This quantity is to be adapted according to the length of your beard. Note that a 20 cm fleece will not have the same hydration needs as a 10 cm fleece and therefore, it will need more care.

Distribute the beard oil between your hands and apply it to the beard, making sure to penetrate from root to tip. Do not hesitate to massage so that the treatment is distributed evenly over your entire beard.

Once the application is complete, use your sandalwood brush or comb again to smooth the facial hair. This will ensure that the beard oil will completely cover your fleece.

After application, your beard is supple, soft, and finely scented.

In conclusion

Now you know how to apply beard oil like a pro, and you know the benefits of using this treatment. Now you will integrate it into your daily routine.

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