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Instagram Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow

Instagram, since its launch in 2010 revolutionized the digital world with diverse content filled with selfies, videos, and images. Fast forward to 2022, it has become not just a fun and interactive platform but a way to get famous, gain trust and be an important aspect of social proof. 

With billions of users, Instagram is a leading social media platform that helps people discover and research new products. With the brand’s marketing strategies on Instagram, it has become easier for people to look for products, invest in new brands, and with social commerce, they can even make purchases directly from Instagram. 

Instagram is a visual platform that gives enthusiastic brands to deliver quality content that the users can relate to and further purchase their desired products from new and evolving brands. Statistics show 500 million daily Instagram users who are satisfied with engaging with brands, resulting in a high engagement overall. 

62% of users say that they have been interested in investing in a brand after seeing them on their stories while 72% of people say they have purchased from brands they’ve seen on IG. 

In this blog, we will learn about some strategies to help you grow your business on Instagram. Making yourself easily accessible to your audience, is the key to improving customer acquisition from Instagram. 

Instagram marketing techniques

Let’s discover some strategies that will help you improve your marketing efforts on Instagram and achieve your business goals.

1) Integrate your feed on the website

The perfect feed needs the perfect place to be shown off. And what’s better than your website? It is the first point of contact between potential clients and the brand. You can use social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox to collect Instagram feed and display them on the website effortlessly. 

These platforms offer you customization, moderation, and analytical features to curate the perfect widget for your website. Simply copy and paste the embed code into your website backend and hit publish. Your widget will be live on the website. 

You deliver relevant and quality content, including UGC that your audience looks forward to. Embedding an Instagram feed on the website can boost engagement, and drive conversion rates, and traffic to your website. 

2) Keep upgrading your posting schedule

Naturally, you will be posting that encourages people to invest and trust you but not too much to overwhelm them. Getting your posting frequency just the right amount is crucial to make your strategy successful. The time you publish your posts also makes a difference. 

Keep a close track of your audience and their timings, and keep updating your schedule with the changing audience time to reap more and better results.

3) Modify your organic content according to your audience 

Once your content idea is ready, it is time to determine and classify different content in different places. The position of the content matters a lot. Check the insights of your post to understand and revamp your content. Use past posts that have worked before and modify them to create new ones. 

4) Keep your content result-driven 

Your audience needs to act after they read your content. You need effective and attractive captions, text overlays, and live scripts. Understand what kind of language and jargon your audience likes and understands, how your brand’s voice sounds, and what you need to accomplish. Add CTA to your posts and encourage people to follow your profile.

5) Amplify reach with hashtags 

To increase your reach, hashtags can be your best bet. Make a habit of adding at least 5-10 relevant hashtags in your posts and stories. Find hashtags that relate to your brand or create a unique brand hashtag giving people an option to post reviews and other content using your hashtag. 

6) Maintain authenticity with UGC 

To enhance your content strategy, creating every piece of content yourself is not necessary. People are smart and do not trust promotional content only. They need unfiltered and authentic content and enter user-generated content (UGC). 

UGC is more effective than images and videos, this is information coming from the most trusted sources (existing customers) who have real-life experience with your brand. UGC has the capability to transform your content and marketing results. 

7) Fast-track results with paid promotions 

Most of the time reaching out to the target audience and getting results can be done organically however, using some paid promotions does not hurt. They can accelerate your results and help you categorize your audience more specifically. 

Boost top-performing content, and invest in Instagram ads. Set your target audience, budget, type of ad, and duration. Customize the creatives to show in your ads and accomplish more results on a lesser budget. 

8) Tag products to make purchases simpler 

If you are an eCommerce brand, tagging your products can be beneficial. You can allow your audience to purchase directly from Instagram instead of redirecting them to your website. This can shorten their purchase journey and motivate them to leave reviews. 

You can set up your Instagram shop from the settings, and complete the process. Once the feature is set up your audience can start shopping right away. 

Wrapping up!

Regardless of your approach, thoughtful and innovative Instagram marketing is the key to reaching your marketing objectives. Follow these steps to curate the perfect strategy for your growth and overall business success. 

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