7 Tips to Become More Fashionable On A Budget

Your favorite fashion bloggers always look great, no matter what they’re wearing. Whether they’re wearing the latest runway fashions or the most unique thrift store finds, you know that they have impeccable style and are always in the know about what looks good on them. Maybe you want to be like them someday, but you don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on clothing and accessories. How can you achieve this style without breaking the bank? Here are 7 tips to becoming more fashionable on a budget.

1) Look in the right places

It’s surprisingly easy to find clothes that are fashionable on a budget. You just have to look in all of the right places. The clothes you purchase at stores such as H&M and Forever 21 will help you avoid looking like a fashion-impaired clone of everyone else in your office, but these stores also tend to have some of the highest prices for their wares. If you want quality clothes that will keep you fashionable without spending too much money, it’s time to learn where else you can shop for clothes that won’t empty your wallet or force you into a new career as a hand model.

2) Buy more expensive items

Buying more expensive items is often better value for money. You can spend $200 on a pair of designer jeans that lasts you two years, or buy a cheaper pair that falls apart after three months. In both cases, you spent $200. But in one case, you have an item of clothing that looked great and lasted a long time, while in another case your clothes look terrible after just a few wears and washes. This rule doesn’t apply everywhere—in fact there are plenty of places where buying cheap items is better value than buying quality ones—but often it’s true: buy top-quality instead of economy if you want to dress well on a budget.

3) Invest in key pieces that you can wear over and over again

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing; instead, invest in one or two key pieces (like a designer jacket or black dress) that you can wear over and over again. Even if you don’t end up wearing it all that often, it will be worth it for those special occasions when you do decide to wear it. Stick with neutral colors: If you buy colorful clothes and accessories, your closet will automatically become more fashionable without having invested any extra money. Avoid buying cheap items : Sure, buying cheap stuff can be great—but usually not if they are cheaply made. Be willing to invest in well-made garments that will look good on your body type and withstand multiple wears.

4) Keep your closet clean

The easiest way to stay fashionable on a budget is to focus on what you already have. Before you go shopping, it’s a good idea to clean out your closet, getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or you no longer wear. This will help keep clutter and spending in check. And if something in your closet does need replacing, there are options other than throwing cash at it. Shop secondhand whenever possible and make sure that everything has lasted at least three seasons (usually four wears). Finally, think before you buy: If it doesn’t look like you can wear an item three times in a month, pass it up—there are better investments for your money!

5) Try thrift stores

When you think of fashion, retail giants like H&M, Forever 21 and Zara might come to mind. However, if you’re interested in fashion on a budget , it might be better for your wallet to shop at local thrift stores or consignment shops instead. There are plenty of stylish pieces at bargain prices out there; all you have to do is dig for them. To get started with thrift shopping, check out these tips

6) Don’t be afraid to use accessories

If you’re shopping on a budget, it’s tempting to just focus on what you can afford—which is usually clothing. But accessories are your best friend when it comes to looking fashion-forward without breaking your bank account. Find yourself something pretty (in terms of color and design) that goes with many of your outfits and add a unique accent piece here and there—like a scarf or earrings—to bring new life into some old looks. There’s no reason why being stylish should require high prices. Make these tips a habit for yourself, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to look like you have more style than you think.

7) Try a new trend each season

It’s easy to become a fashion slave; it’s just as easy (and more fun) to be a fashion master. The key is being willing to try new trends each season. For example, floral prints might not have been your thing last year, but they could look fantastic on you now. If you don’t like how it looks or feels on you, abandon that trend for another one—but you won’t know until you try it on and play around with different combinations of colors and styles.


You don’t have to be rich or famous to look good; in fact, you don’t need a lot of money at all. All it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to shop outside of traditional retail stores. By taking advantage of some budget fashion tricks, you can become more fashionable on a budget—and impress your coworkers, friends and relatives along the way. And when you’re feeling really fancy, pay someone else (hire!) for help pulling off that look with ease. You’ll save money and end up looking like a million bucks!

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