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9 B2B SaaS Lead Generation Strategies That Work

No matter what type of business you’re in, sales are essential to growing your business. But if you don’t have leads, you can’t make sales a fact most entrepreneurs learn the hard way after launch. If you want to grow your B2B SaaS company faster and more profitably, you need to generate more leads from the same amount of time and money. The best scalable B2B SaaS lead generation strategies will help increase the quality and quantity of your leads without costing too much or wasting your time.

1) Authority Content Marketing

When it comes to lead generation, authority content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Authorship is incredibly important and should be a top priority for SEO agencies looking to generate leads online. By building authority with major sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal or any other site that attracts your target audience you have a greater chance of increasing search intent and generating organic traffic. Think about how often you read something from an expert rather than reading an answer from Wikipedia or Quora Answers.

2) Inbound Marketing

Choosing a scalable lead generation strategy is tough, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, that’s where inbound marketing comes in. Inbound marketing is essentially an amalgamation of all things social media and content-focused it helps you build relationships with people who could potentially buy your product and ensure they know when and how to do so. There are different ways to take advantage of inbound marketing, but using effective keywords and search engine optimization can be really helpful. Check out Content Marketing for Dummies for more information about how you can use content creation strategically and effectively to attract potential customers without relying on traditional lead generation tactics that may or may not work.

3) Solo Ad Method

This is a strategy in which you recruit people to promote your product or service on social media. The best part of it is that those people can promote your business without needing a large financial investment and without forcing them to quit their job. What you should do is look for influencers in your niche and then contact them with an offer they can’t refuse. You will have to pay them, but we advise you not to make it too high as that could scare away potential partners. Just make sure that these partnerships are win-win situations for everyone involved. It’s also advisable to choose influencers who already have plenty of followers because what you want here is quality rather than quantity!

4) Outreach Method

Networking to Receive Valuable Content for Your Website’s SEO Reputation Management Strategy: If you want to write top-notch content and stay ahead of your competitors, you need access to information that no one else has. Reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them if they have any guest posts or other pieces of valuable content that could be featured on your website. They’ll be flattered by your request since most people assume that big blogs and publications have much more authority than smaller websites. It also creates a great backlink opportunity for you because bloggers are always looking for creative ways to generate unique backlinks that will help their SEO reputation management strategy. Everyone wins!

5) Stakeholder Outreach Method

One of my favorite and most-used lead generation strategies is giving potential customers a free trial. The concept is simple: you give away a portion of your software for free to draw in a prospect, then you qualify them and entice them to sign up. In doing so, you create an opportunity to pitch them on paying for your service, which means they turn into customers.

6) Cold Emailing Method

Email is a tried-and-true lead generation method. The problem with email, of course, is that it’s not very scalable. Most people get dozens or even hundreds of emails each day, and when you add in spam filters and automatic replies like Thanks for your message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, it’s almost impossible to connect with busy decision-makers using nothing but email. Still, we find that it’s worth attempting even if only for highly targeted prospects within your core audience because there are no setup costs involved and you don’t need outside capital to start using cold emailing for lead generation purposes.

7) Free Trial Giveaway

Giving away a free trial is one of your most effective lead generation strategies. By letting potential customers get their hands on your product, you can quickly build up trust and demonstrate its usefulness which, in turn, can convert leads into paying customers. This tactic works best for products with short sales cycles (up to 14 days) or those that are free to use. Give it a try with an email drip campaign that includes an offer for a limited-time free trial or demo of your product. Include clear instructions for how to redeem your offer and any restrictions you have in place that way, it’s easy for potential customers to take advantage of your giveaway without feeling frustrated or confused about what they need to do next.

8) SEO Lead Generation Strategy

SEO is still one of the most effective lead generation strategies around. While some people have struggled to find leads with SEO, it’s still hard to argue with success: well-executed organic SEO strategies will produce targeted traffic that doesn’t cost you a dime in advertising. As long as your content ranks organically on search engines, your business will see leads coming in from all over Google and other platforms. Best of all, an SEO strategy can make long-term lead generation work for you; when your site ranks highly on search engines and gets traffic from users interested in your products or services, those same users will likely return to engage with you again and again whether or not they convert immediately.

9) Infographics Technique

Strategy is crucial in any endeavor; without a good plan, it’s hard to know if you’re moving forward or spinning your wheels. Similarly, when it comes to marketing, there’s always room for experimentation and tailoring efforts to best fit each market. But it never hurts to have some tried-and-true strategies on hand that is guaranteed to work or at least give you a good starting point. These nine strategies for lead generation will get you started and put you well on your way toward developing a great strategy of your own. With smart planning and targeted efforts, your business can be headed toward success in no time.


As you’ve seen above, there are many different types of professional blogs. And while they may be written similarly, each one calls for its approach. By reading through these and coming up with your ideas, you’ll have an abundance of opportunities to practice your writing and get feedback from professionals in your industry. And when it comes time to finally start blogging for real, that’s something you’ll appreciate!

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