7 Best Alternatives to Skype in 2024 for Successful Business

Skype is a telecommunications app that provides facilities like video telephony, video conferencing, voice calls, messaging, file transfer, etc. It is available on various desktop, mobile, and video game platforms.

Skype was created in August 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis in cooperation with four Estonian developers. However, it was acquired by eBay in the year 2005. Again it was bought by Microsoft in the year 2011. Though Skype was a centralized Azure-based service, it lost a large part of its market share to Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The registered users of Skype identify themselves by a unique Skype ID. It also gives facilities for conference calls, screen sharing between multiple devices, video chats, etc. It has another advantage of making background blur in a video chat.

As we know there are many applications available for video conferencing, Let’s discuss seven Skype alternatives:

Troop Messenger

Though there are many alternatives to Skype, we can say Troop Messenger is one of the best alternatives to it. Troop Messenger helps the user connect with the office teams with the advanced video conferencing facility called Catte Call. You can add many participants during the Cattle call. Troop Messenger allows these users to have on-premise communication through instant messages and voice chats. It gives video access to many team members and audio access to others during a call. You can send the meeting agenda to all participants quickly.

It provides you with a high-quality video call facility. It facilitates the remote teams to share the screen, chat in real-time, schedule meetings, and on-premise communication while doing video conferencing calls. You can add the internal team members and invite the guest users to join the meeting. So, we can say Troop Messenger is the best Skype alternative due to its advanced features.


Zoom helps people to stay connected through meetings, video calls, chat, online events, and conference systems. It provides you secure and proper video platform which gives you a high-quality experience. It provides a video and audio collaboration facility with an engaging webinar facility. It allows up to 100 participants in a single conference call. Many people give priority to Zoom for their meetings and video conferences because of its advanced security features.

Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you can host audio, video, and web conferences with people from inside and outside your organization. It allows members of up to 10000 to meet in one place and chat in real-time. You can also share files with others and do group chats with security. Microsoft Team is best for both smaller and bigger organizations. You can get more useful features like video conferencing, Free team calling, screen sharing, scheduling meetings, and data transfer with highly encrypted security. You can get the basic features with the Microsoft Teams free version.


TeamViewer is one of the fastest and most user-friendly software for working remotely. It has multiple features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing with the required security. It also provides you with other advanced features like high-definition video calls, team collaboration, activity dashboard while working remotely. Team Viewer is more popular among the mid-size and large business sectors. So, we can consider Skype as a TeamViewer alternative.


AnyDesk can be one of the best Skype alternatives. It provides the users with a feature of impulsive collaboration with high security and flexible settings. It also gives more features like screen sharing, video conferencing, real-time chatting, easy file sharing, etc. that give you a good experience of remote access to the computer. It works smoothly even on lower bandwidth. AnyDesk is a user-friendly and easy-to-learn application. So, we can say it can be an alternative to Skype.


There are many applications that we can count as Skype alternatives. Mikogo is one among them. Mikogo has the features like screen sharing, desktop sharing, streamlined web

conferencing, etc. You can share your documents, files, or application windows with up to 25 participants in real-time.

It allows users to record their screens, schedule meetings, company logo branding, website integration, etc. So, we can consider Mikogo as one of the alternatives to Skype.


GoToMeeting is an application that provides features like virtual meetings, and easy collaboration with multiple users remotely. This is one of the high-rated mobile apps in the IOS and Android version. It provides a facility of HD video with crystal clear audio, screen sharing, in-session chat, conference calling, session recording, drawing tools, webcam preview, mobile conferencing, etc. with encrypted security. It helps users to connect in real-time.


As we know there are many Skype alternatives that provide similar kinds of features. But, we can consider Troop Messenger the best of them as it gives users the best video conferencing experience and real-time communication. Its advanced safety features give you a smooth experience of working remotely from home.

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