The 10 Best Jira Alternatives For Agile Teams [2024]

Jira is the most popular agile project management tool out there, but it’s not without some downsides (such as being priced at $10,000 per year). Jira alternatives are increasingly becoming more attractive options for agile teams looking to manage their work more effectively, and we’re here to help you with that. You can also see our list of the Best Agile Project Management Tools right here to compare with these Jira alternatives.

Why You Should Look For Jira Alternatives?

There are plenty of reasons why you should look for alternatives to Jira. Perhaps you’re not happy with the time-tracking features, or you find the cross-communication network difficult to use. Maybe you’re looking for a more team-focused collaboration tool or a note-taking tool that can help with time management strategies. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of effective alternatives to Jira out there that can help boost your team’s productivity.

If you’re struggling to find a good alternative to your current project management app, it may be worth doing some research into popular alternatives. Take a look at our list of best Jira alternatives for agile teams in 2022 to find out which apps are receiving positive feedback from their users, and why these projects are so successful.

Start with On-boarding: You should have an onboarding plan before you hire your first remote worker. It will make things easier if you know what to expect. Ideally, your plan will include guidance on how the new employee will communicate with teammates (via instant messaging or video conferencing), how they’ll track progress, and what tools they’ll need access to (such as project management systems). It will also include details about onboarding processes like introductions, user training sessions, etc. All this preparation is important because it minimizes potential frustration down the line when people try using unfamiliar software.

Here are the 10 best Jira alternatives to help you make your decision.

1) Redmine

Redmine is a great alternative to Jira for agile teams. It’s an open-source project management tool that offers to-do lists, team collaboration, and effective remote team features. Plus, it’s very flexible and customizable, which makes it perfect for app developers. However, one downside is that it can be a bit difficult to learn for those who are new to project management tools.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Jira for your agile team, consider Redmine. It’s an open-source project management tool that includes all of the features you need to stay on top of tasks, manage code branches, keep track of bugs, and much more. Plus, it offers flexible permission settings which can help make your team more productive. The downside is that it can be a bit difficult to learn if you’re new to project management tools.

2) GitHub Issues

GitHub Issues is a popular option for agile teams looking for a Jira alternative. The platform is simple to use and helps team productivity by allowing them to easily track and manage their work. Plus, GitHub Issues integrates with some other tools, making it a versatile option for teams. However, one downside of GitHub Issues is that it doesn’t offer as many features as some of its competitors.

One of GitHub Issues’ biggest benefits is its integration with other software. Thanks to its open-source nature, you can integrate GitHub Issues with a variety of third-party applications and tools. These integrations allow you to connect GitHub Issues to project management software like Trello and Pivotal Tracker as well as communication tools like Slack and HipChat.

3) ProofHub

ProofHub is one of the best Jira alternatives for agile teams looking to boost their productivity. It’s a project management tool that comes with all the features you need to get work done, plus a few extras that make it even more helpful. And, unlike Jira, ProofHub is incredibly easy to use. Even if you’re not familiar with project management software, you’ll be able to figure it out in no time.

Not sure if ProofHub is right for you? You can try it out free for 30 days before you make your decision. And if you have any questions or need support along the way, you can get in touch with customer service via live chat, email, or phone. If you’re looking for an alternative to Jira but want something simple and inexpensive, take a look at ProofHub today.

4) Phabricator

Phabricator is a popular tool used by Facebook and other tech companies. It’s an open-source project that aims to improve a team’s productivity. While it doesn’t have all the features of Jira, it does offer many of the same features and more. Plus, it’s free to use. If you’re looking for a Jira competitor, Phabricator is worth checking out.

It’s easy to get started with Phabricator because it’s an open-source tool, which means you can download and set up a server for free. Of course, if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you’ll need to purchase your license. While Phabricator might not be as popular as Jira just yet, that’s likely to change in the future.

The free open-source Phabricator tool offers many of the same features as its commercial counterpart, but it does have one notable drawback. Since it’s an open-source tool, there are limited support options if you encounter problems with your server or if you simply need help configuring certain settings. That said, Phabricator is still worth checking out—especially if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Jira.

5) Basecamp

If you’re looking for a comprehensive project management tool that does more than just help with agile development, Basecamp is a great option. It offers features like to-do lists, scheduling, document collaboration, and even a messaging system to help improve your team’s productivity. Plus, it integrates with a number of other apps and services, which makes it even more versatile.

It’s easy to use, too. You simply create a project, add tasks and subtasks within it, schedule dates for when you want those tasks to be completed, and then email them out to your team members with due dates.

While you can invite anyone to be a part of your project, you have to pay for a subscription before you can use Basecamp. That’s not surprising, since Basecamp is one of the more feature-rich options on our list.

6) Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a great alternative to Jira for agile teams that want to boost their productivity. It’s simple to use and can be easily customized to fit your team’s specific needs. Plus, it integrates with a variety of other tools, making it even more powerful. You will get notifications on Slack, HipChat, or an email if something changes with one of the projects you are following.

One feature we love about Pivotal Tracker is its streamlined design – it doesn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming like some other project management software.

It may not have all the features that Jira has but it’s perfect for those who want an easier-to-use project management system without too many bells and whistles.

7) nTask

nTask is a great tool for small businesses and teams who want to boost their productivity. It’s simple to use and comes with a ton of features, including task management, team collaboration, time tracking, and more. Plus, it integrates with over 20 popular apps and services, making it easy to keep all your work in one place.

If you want to increase your team’s productivity and streamline communication, nTask is worth checking out. The free plan gives you access to most of its tools, including task management, team collaboration, time tracking, Kanban boards, and more.

When it comes to project management tools, you have plenty of options. You can go with tried-and-true tools like Basecamp or Asana, or you can try something new. The best solution for your team depends on your needs, but if you’re looking for something simpler and easier to use, nTask might be a good fit.

8) Bugzilla

An open-source defect-tracking tool, Bugzilla is another great Jira alternative for agile teams. It’s user-friendly and helps teams keep track of bugs and enhance their productivity. While it doesn’t have all the features of Jira, it’s a good option for teams looking for a more simple tool.

While it doesn’t have all of Jira’s features, Bugzilla is a solid tool for keeping track of bugs. Its clean design makes it easy to use and its granular permissions make it an ideal solution for teams that don’t want to give full access to all team members. If you are looking for something more simple, consider Bugzilla as an alternative to Jira.

9) Backlog

If you’re looking for a way to improve your team’s productivity, Backlog may be the answer. This project management tool is designed specifically for agile teams, and it has a lot to offer. From Kanban boards to Gantt charts, Backlog has everything you need to get your team organized and working efficiently. Plus, it integrates with several other tools, making it even more powerful.

Another perk to Backlog is that it’s free to use, although there are premium options as well. Still, even in its free form, Backlog can be useful to small teams. It offers a demo mode you can play around with before making a decision, and it even has a trial period so you can make sure it works for your needs. If you’re looking for an efficient tool that’s easy on your wallet, Backlog is worth checking out.

You’ll find Backlog in most software directories and stores, including Google Play. It’s available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Backlog also has native apps for Chrome OS as well as a web version you can use to view your team’s work from any device.

10) Trello

Trello is a simple, yet effective, project management tool that can be used for agile teams. It is visual and easy to use, which makes it great for team collaboration. Trello also has a free version, which makes it a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Plus, its integration with other tools, such as Slack, can help boost your team’s productivity.

Trello is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This means that you can stay on top of your work from anywhere in the world, making it easy to respond to team members and update tasks wherever you are.

Trello’s free version includes unlimited boards, users, and most of its basic features. There are, however, a few limitations on your free account that you should know about before you get started. The biggest limitation is a storage limit of 1GB. If you need more storage space for your team’s files and documents, you will need to upgrade to Trello Gold for $5 per month per user.


So I’ll give you all the details about JIRA alternatives that are available to you. All you have to do is think about what you want, and pick one that meets your needs. In any case, there are quite a few options available with free trials as well. So, you can even experiment with them before buying their paid versions.

With all the best wishes to you!!!

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