8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Brand Agency

The field of marketing has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, and so has the agency landscape—with no signs of slowing down. More and more, brands are looking to partner with agencies that can offer expertise across the whole marketing spectrum. So what makes an agency different from an in-house team? And why should you hire one? These 8 reasons will help you understand why you should hire a brand agency to work on your brand, whether it’s a startup or established company.

1. Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is extremely important in today’s business world. A strong brand is easily recognized and separates you from your competitors. Your brand is everything; it’s what gives people their first impression of your business, so make sure you work with an experienced brand agency that will ensure all aspects of your branding are cohesive and on-brand. Don’t trust your brand to just anyone; work with a digital brand agency that will give you first-class service, and ultimately, first-class results. Brand agency services can be tailored for whatever needs your brand may have. Digital Branding Agencies can provide whatever level of service you need, whether that means help building websites or developing a creative logo design or full visual brand identity package (brand strategy/identity development). Online social media networks are essential in today’s market. It’s essential to know how each network functions and how they work together with other marketing outlets such as blogs, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, Instagram photos and Facebook pages. An online social media agency can be one great way for businesses big or small to get involved in social media marketing but does not replace traditional advertising like print advertisements or radio spots.

2. Visual Identity

Brand identity isn’t just what your brand looks like, it’s how it acts. A brand identity goes beyond logos and colors to include elements of an organization’s culture and personality as well as its name, tagline, mission statement, products/services and even tone of voice. The result is a unique personality that represents what your company offers. At our digital brand agency , we help brands discover their true identity through various branding tactics—and ultimately create more emotional connections with consumers. Here are eight reasons why hiring a brand agency is important for any business.

  • An Objective Opinion: Some people believe that branding is something you do by yourself (or with very little outside help). If you ask us at our digital brand agency, we can tell you from years of experience that’s not exactly true. Branding agencies have access to objective perspectives from creative directors, copywriters and other professionals who can offer unique insight into who your brand should be in order to attract ideal customers who are also valuable for your business goals.
  • Brand Consistency: You know how sometimes when you open one social media profile on your computer and then click another one on another tab? And you notice that they both look completely different? This might work if your brand has different channels or campaigns but most brands today want to appear consistent across all channels. Creating brand consistency ensures that each channel supports and strengthens every aspect of your brand rather than competing against it.
  • All-in-One Brand Management: When you hire a digital brand agency for branding, you will typically get more than just graphic design services. Our team members provide SEO, PPC management, marketing strategy and many other branding services so that your brand resonates powerfully with every customer.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Not sure if branding really matters? Our team of digital brand agency experts think it does . In fact, studies show brands with cohesive branding strategies make 23% more money in sales than those without them. It makes sense – strong branding gives customers a deeper connection to your product or service.
  • Greater Customer Engagement : On average, brand loyalists stay longer and spend about 65% more time on websites compared to first-time visitors. They’re more engaged which increases brand exposure which leads directly to increased sales!

3. Digital Presence

Your brand agency should be able to offer digital brand agency services. Designing your digital presence is an important part of modern branding, and it’s crucial for you to find an agency that understands how your presence will function on social media, websites, and blogs. A solid digital brand agency service can help make sure your brand’s digital presence is consistent, effective, and relevant. A good design firm should also conduct surveys or user testing to understand how users perceive your brand and how they interact with it online. This digital brand agency services will ensure that your website or app provides clear information about what products or services you provide and how potential customers can connect with you. This can help them trust your business, which then leads to conversions such as e-commerce orders, phone calls, comments/ratings/likes/followers on social media platforms, newsletter signups, etc. Digital brands have started out as brands long before they’ve become businesses in many cases; thus digital presence is really one of their most critical assets.

4. Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is your plan of action when it comes to how you want to handle brand promotion and product development. The way you develop your marketing strategy will depend on your industry, your product and service offerings, your goals, what research you’ve conducted about other brands in similar industries, and who your customers are. A digital brand agency can help with all these factors if you decide that hiring an agency makes sense for you. A marketing strategy is important because it puts thought into where you want to go with branding efforts and how—and what—you’re willing to do in order to get there. It also helps ensure that as new technologies emerge or change within specific markets, brands stay ahead of consumer expectations by offering fresh ways of reaching out digitally. Of course, all companies need to employ their own brand strategies, which means making sure their target audiences have access to relevant information through proper outreach. [Source: Small Business Big Marketing] Brand Agency Services: Regardless of whether you’re a small startup just getting off the ground or one of Fortune 500’s big dogs looking for big-brand results, having professional brand agency services behind you can work wonders when it comes to setting yourself apart from competitors and getting noticed in hyper-competitive online environments.

5. Social Media Management

Managing your social media accounts can feel like something you’re doing out of obligation, but if done right, it’s also an incredibly powerful way to connect with customers, promote sales and boost traffic. Brand agencies are equipped to handle all of these facets of social media management, ensuring that all aspects of your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are in tip-top shape. If you don’t have time to manage your brand’s presence yourself—or simply aren’t confident enough to do so—you need someone who knows what they’re doing. A brand agency specializes in managing brands, which means they know how best to market yours and will be able to act as a sounding board when trying new things with your strategy. A brand agency is a good investment: Sure, it might seem easy to get your own brand up and running without outside help (what could go wrong?), but there’s likely still plenty of things you haven’t considered. Brands require constant upkeep, monitoring and attention or else they quickly begin to lose steam.

6. Online Advertising

Online advertising is used to promote your brand online, using various platforms to market your products and services. People are constantly browsing websites and scrolling through social media feeds on their phones, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to capture their attention. With a brand agency’s help, you can create advertisements specifically designed for each platform—Twitter ads will be different from Facebook ads, which will be different from Instagram ads—to maximize your reach while still being able to effectively target potential customers. An experienced brand agency will also analyze your budget to determine how much you should allocate toward each ad platform so that you aren’t spending too much or too little money in any given month. This ensures that your advertising dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. The goal of online marketing is to increase brand awareness among potential customers and convert them into actual paying customers. Marketing professionals use customized strategies to attract prospects across every possible digital touchpoint with advertising that entices users to follow through with action—like visiting your website, subscribing to newsletters, following you on social media, etc.—and leads them back into your funnel by continuing follow-up interactions until they finally commit by buying a product or service.

7. Creative Marketing Solutions

Effective brand agency services come with creative marketing solutions. These services help businesses generate long-term awareness, develop credibility and generate ongoing interest from potential customers in their brand. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary for brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This can be achieved through personalized branding efforts that include branding strategy, brand identity development and brand positioning among others. With help from brand agencies, clients are able to benefit from unique and creative ideas for their campaigns that help establish their brands as leaders in the market without having to waste much time or money on developing campaign strategies themselves. Brand development can also be achieved by helping companies create new products and services while differentiating them from those provided by other brands. Personalized marketing approaches may also help increase sales of various goods including food items, beverages, clothing items, household items and cosmetics among many others. The target audience may change depending on what you sell but generally choosing appropriate promotional channels will definitely improve your ROI overall.

8. PR Campaigns

When people think of branding, they often associate it with just that: branding. But when you think about it, there’s much more to building and maintaining your brand than simply slapping a logo on some swag. That’s where PR comes in. PR (public relations) is about more than press releases and media hits. It also encompasses engagement, events, social media management, and more. These are crucial tactics for building up your company’s reputation as well as expanding its market reach within a certain demographic or sector—and they can be used to effectively rebrand or reposition your company when necessary. In addition to helping you design strategies for growing your business via PR, a brand agency will take care of all aspects of your campaigns, from conception to creation and execution. This includes pitching ideas for coverage to editors or journalists at local publications or national outlets; writing articles; posting updates on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; developing promotional plans; implementing advertising plans; etc. In short, hiring an agency means less work (and stress!) on your end while getting high-quality results! The best part? All you have to do is show up and look pretty (or at least pretend to!).

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