10 Latest Bob Haircut Styles to Try This Year

Think you’ve tried every hairstyle under the sun? Now it’s time to try out some bob haircut styles that are as on-trend as they are classic. From shaggy bobs to sleek, center-parted ones, there’s no better way to freshen up your personal style than with one of these looks below, so get started!

1) Longer on top

If you have naturally straight hair and are looking for a Bob hairstyle, consider trying a Longer on top cut. Ask your stylist for an angled bob that is longer at one side than it is on the other; your stylist can then use your natural wave pattern or texturizing products to ensure it has bounce. If you’re prone to frizz, ask for back-to-back layers instead of simply long layers on top.

2) Asymmetrical

Perfect for people with round face shapes, asymmetrical cuts work well as long bob hairstyles or mid-length looks. Just make sure you let your hair grow out naturally—and don’t ever try cutting it yourself! You need a professional eye and know-how to make sure your asymmetrical cut is balanced. Otherwise, you could end up looking like Sybil from Suddenly Susan. But if it’s done right, an asymmetrical bob will be just as trendy 10 years from now as it is today.

3) Lots of layers

Bob haircuts are a total makeover for women who want a chic new look. Add layers into your bob haircut and you’ll instantly be able to switch up your style without much effort. The key is finding a bob hairstyle that’s versatile enough to work with lots of different hair types, lengths, and thicknesses. You can opt for long layers or try using wispy shorter layers in place of blunt cuts that can create a weighted look. For those who want bangs with their Bob, feel free to go all out on length and volume so you can really experiment with styling options—and then chop them off after if you get tired of them.

4) Side part bob

As one of Bob haircut styles, side part is a classic look for those who want to maintain longer strands and emphasize on their facial features. Side part bob hairstyle will give you a classier look if you make it neat and stylish. If you are looking for something sleek and elegant then go for long bob with side swept bangs. The idea of adding bangs makes your face brighter but also highlights your eyes and eyebrows which is important as these features play an important role in highlighting your personality. For people with round face, cut out some heavy bangs at an angle that can easily balance out your roundish face making it look slimmer.

5) Shoulder length

One of the Bob haircut styles that remains in fashion year after year is one with shoulder length hair. These are subtle, often featuring wispy layers, which add a touch of femininity and make it less severe than longer cuts like long bob hairstyles. Bobs are also well suited for wavy hair as they show off these curls in a flattering way. Longer bobs look great on oval faces while medium-length or shoulder length bobs work best on round faces. Bobs with texture, such as waves or curls, can soften even very fine hair making them great for women who want to add volume without weighing their locks down.

6) Layers and bangs

Bob haircuts can vary from one extreme to another. You can go for a long, edgy style and add layers or you could opt for a more conservative look with bangs. This year’s bob hairstyles are really about mixing things up and using your personal style as a guide when choosing your cut. Here are some of our favorite bob haircut styles

7) Choppy bob

Choppy bobs are a major trend in haircuts right now, especially among celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kiernan Shipka. Think shorter on one side and longer on another. It can be worn straight or wavy, but it should definitely have some volume and texture. Choppy bobs look great when paired with a fringe (or bangs) because they balance out any unevenness on either side of your face. Straightened choppy bobs look awesome when worn with short skirts and frilly blouses; while wavy choppy bobs work well with casual jeans, sweaters, and leather jackets. The choppier your bob is, the more bohemian you’ll appear!

8) Choppy with fringe

When you want a trendy haircut but are uncomfortable with long layers, ask your stylist for choppy layers. The piecey texture and thick fringe will add visual interest and keep your bob from looking too simplistic. If you’re not sure about being so high-maintenance, asking for a messy chop can achieve a similar look without as much commitment. Thick bangs are trending right now, so why not have them if they’ll complement your personal style? Another pro tip: ask for wispy pieces in front that fall into face-framing pieces around ears—it will give hair more movement and look flirty instead of severe!

9) Straight bangs

Straight bangs or bang trims aren’t a typical haircut but you can wear them in your bob. A great way to spice up any hairstyle, these bangs are something that many people are afraid of. But it doesn’t have to be! It is an amazing opportunity for you to change your personal style and get a fresh new look at a comfortable price point. Straight bangs don’t cost much since all you need is for your hair stylist to trim off about two inches of length from each side and then layer them so they can fall onto your forehead and face at different lengths. You may also want some feathering done if you want it more dramatic as well as more layers.

10) Extra volume at the roots

For those with fine hair, adding volume will make it appear thicker and fuller. Start at your roots and blow dry in a ‘V’ shape, says Stacey Hanke, owner of Salon Effex in San Diego. When you get to your ends, wrap them around a large-barrel curling iron for about three seconds before releasing—this’ll create soft waves. Finish with light hold hairspray like Oribe Superfine Hairspray so you don’t weigh it down.

Final Thought

While most people associate short hair with older women and long hair with young girls, you shouldn’t care about what other people think. If you want to go for a bob haircut or want to grow your hair longer, that’s up to you! Whether it’s shoulder length or ends in a fringe, just remember that it’s your choice. You do not have to conform in order to fit in. You are who you are; nobody else! And it is quite liberating when you realize that nobody else knows what is best for YOU—only YOU know how YOU feel about YOUR looks!

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