The Most Trending Nail Design For 2022: Get The Look!

Trending nail design are ever-changing, with new styles being introduced every year. While these styles may fade away as the years go by, certain designs stand the test of time and stay trendy even long after they have been introduced to the world of fashion and beauty. Here are the trending nail designs for 2022 that you should get started on before everyone else does!

Glass nails

This nail trend is one of my favorite trends to see come back in vogue. Glass nails are exactly what they sound like nails with designs drawn on them using a stained glass technique. Add different color accents to your nails, or add an accent nail that matches your dress. This look can make any outfit stand out and become part of your overall personal style. I hope you’ll give it a try next spring!

Glitter nails

What’s on top of every fashionista’s wish list? Glitter nails, of course. With their unique blend of elegance and edginess, glitter nails are always a sight to behold. And now you can get them without spending a bomb at your local salon just read on for some amazing glitter nail designs that will bring spring right into your living room!

Floral nails

Since floral designs have been having a major moment on spring runways, it’s safe to say they’ll be all over manicure tables next year, too. To nail florals early in 2018 and again in 2022, try accentuating your tips with pastel pink flowers, as Chanel did at its Spring/Summer 2016 show.

Lace nails

Spring will be here before you know it, which means you’ll need to start thinking about what nail design trends are trending for Spring/Summer. Fashionable On A Budget is one of our favorite go-to places for daily outfit inspiration and beauty tips. This year they’ve decided to launch their new spring look trend by featuring lace nails on Instagram. Take a look at their account to see these chic new designs and how you can get them at home.

Blue art

Every year, certain color trends crop up on runways, in magazines, and on celebrity red carpets, and as 2016 winds down, blue nail art is one such style. From bold blues to pastel shades to hues in between, these nails are gorgeous. Have your nails professionally done or try out easy DIY techniques at home. Either way, you’ll have to file these looks under you for 2018.

Bright Swirl

It’s not just eye-catching, it’s colorful and fun. If you want to add something different to your nails, opt for a bright swirl on each nail (without polish) and fill it in with color. It’s an easy way to switch up your nail art game while still sticking with a single accent.

Cute, small decals on short nails

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes all sorts of amazing nail art ideas. However, if you don’t have much time to spend on your nails, there are still plenty of cute, simple ways to add a pop of color or texture to your digits. Here are 5 spring nail designs for women that take 5 minutes or less: small decals, lace borders and floral motifs, mint nails, and bows.

Some of the best nail polish brands

If you’re going to paint your nails, why not get it done right? There are plenty of brands that offer high-quality nail polish for whatever look you want.

Best nail care tips

Avoid using acetone-based nail polish removers. These can dry out your nails and lead to cracking and splitting. Rather, use a less potent acetone-free remover with a cotton ball or swab to gently rub away your polish instead. You’ll be doing your fingernails (and cuticles) a favor by taking it slow even if you’re in a rush. If you want to speed up removal, opt for natural oil products like olive oil or coconut oil as an alternative that won’t leave behind chemicals to cause damage.

Final Words

Essie and OPI are more expensive than drugstore brands, but Essie is well-known for being an excellent polish that lasts longer on nails. China Glaze’s color selection is amazing and their nail polishes don’t wear off as fast. If you like your nails to last a long time without chips, try one of these brands out. They may be pricey, but they last much longer than other brands so it’s worth it. Make sure to take good care of your nails in between manicures and maintain them every week with a moisturizing hand cream or lotion; dry hands can make nail polish less effective.

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