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7 Tips to Get Positive Product Reviews on Flipkart

While the product page of your ecommerce website gives you an idea about the selling potential of your product, it isn’t always that easy to get customers to actually write reviews on ecommerce websites like Flipkart or Amazon. While companies have several ways to get more positive reviews on their products, here are some tips on how to get positive product reviews on Flipkart. These tips are equally applicable if you’re looking to get positive product reviews on Amazon as well.

Follow up

After you’ve asked your client or customer for a review, be sure to follow up in a timely manner. You don’t want to wait too long and come off as being pushy or impatient. But, conversely, you also don’t want them to forget that they promised you feedback. Keep your follow-up emails friendly and low-pressure; just remind them of what they promised and ask for it quickly so that you can improve your product or service in whatever way is necessary.


If you aren’t getting enough feedback about your product, it could be because you’re not communicating with your users. Try reaching out directly through an email marketing campaign or a simple Facebook ad that asks for reviews. Keep in mind that only genuine feedback will work—if people sense you’re trying to fake reviews, they won’t bite. Also make sure that you are addressing their concerns and complaints; try following up each interaction with a survey question asking how things went (and why). If they didn’t like something, ask them how you can improve; and if they were happy with your service, ask if there is anything else you can do for them.

Prompt customers

Firstly, you can contact existing customers who have already bought a similar product and ask them for their feedback about it. You can then post that feedback on your product listing pages to solicit comments from new potential buyers. This is not only a great way of getting people talking about your product but also provides value for potential buyers in helping them make an informed purchase decision. In many ways, it’s similar to how you would engage with a prospective customer via email or phone: by listening closely and understanding exactly what they need. If you do that well, chances are they will reciprocate when it comes time for a review or recommend your product to others.

Share opportunities

One way to get more feedback is by sharing your products with friends and family. They’ll be able to provide you with an honest review, based on their real-world experience. Plus, most people will be willing to give a new product or service a try, since they’re not financially invested in it—this is your chance! To increase the likelihood of getting positive reviews, give them as much information as possible about what you’re offering. Be sure to highlight how customers can benefit from your product or service—and set yourself apart from competitors by doing so. Finally, consider making positive reviews visible on your product page; that way visitors can know upfront how other buyers have reacted to it.

Deal with criticism constructively

When you get a bad review, don’t panic! The review could be constructive and help make your product better for your customers. Don’t take it personally; if anything, use it as motivation to improve your product or service. Learn from what others are saying about you and use that information in future endeavors. If people don’t like something about you or your business, respond with an explanation instead of arguing with them—it shows character and makes them more likely to trust you in future purchases. And remember, an unhappy customer isn’t necessarily a lost customer—they may have just had a bad experience with one particular aspect of your business.

Put it all together

Writing a Product Review for Your own Product : This can be a pretty tough thing to do. Not only will you have more knowledge about your product than anyone else, but it can also be difficult to put aside your emotional attachment. However, if you are truly trying to grow as an entrepreneur and improve your product, customer feedback is incredibly important; it’s also a way for you get in touch with potential customers who don’t normally leave reviews. If they like what they see (and what they read), they might not just become buyers—they could become brand advocates! The first step is reaching out: Make sure that you address them by name and begin with a pleasantry or two.

Keep at it!

Flipkart reviews have become important in influencing shoppers’ decisions. Most shoppers rely on what others have to say before making a purchase and an overwhelming majority of online customers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. This helps explain why retailers are so keen to encourage feedback—and why consumers love providing it. If you’re selling a product and want help getting some positive Flipkart reviews, here are seven tips you can use today

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