10 Best HR Automation Tools To Boost Your Work Efficiency

The human resources industry is full of procedures and processes that can get extremely complex, especially as the organization’s size grows and more people are involved in the decision-making process. This complexity can lead to delays and mistakes as well as frustration on the part of HR professionals who have to jump through numerous hoops to get things done. Fortunately, there are automation tools and software programs out there that make all those tasks faster and easier, saving you time so you can focus on getting the real work done.

What is HR Automation?

HR automation, HR automation software is an automated solution that helps to boost the productivity of businesses. It provides a variety of solutions related to hiring and firing employees, payroll processing, and employee benefits. HR managers can use these tools for a wide range of tasks like updating current employees’ information, posting job openings on websites, and improving the recruitment process. These software solutions provide many benefits for both HR departments and companies including reduced employee turnover rates, improved employee engagement rates, less workload for HR teams, etc. In addition, companies can save money as well by using these tools in their day-to-day business operations. For instance, hiring managers can post job openings online at zero cost through such solutions or automate their payroll processing needs completely by using the best HR automation tools.

What are the Advantages of HR Automation?

There are many advantages to using HR automation tools. Some of the benefits include:

1. Increased Efficiency: HR automation tools can help you to achieve increased efficiency when it comes to managing your HR processes. This can help you to save time and money, as well as increase your productivity.

2. Improved Business Communication: HR automation tools can help to improve business communication between your team and your HR department. This can help to ensure that all relevant information is easily accessible and that any issues or concerns are quickly addressed.

3. Reduced Costs: HR automation tools can help to reduce costs related to HR administration. This can include costs associated with hiring and firing employees, as well as costs associated with processing payroll.

Best HR Automation Tools

There are many different HR automation tools on the market, but which are the best? In this section, we will be discussing ten of the best HR automation tools that can help boost your work efficiency.

1) Jobsoid

Jobsoid is an Online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which simplifies every step of the recruitment process in organizations, streamlining everything from sourcing potential candidates to hiring the right one. Jobsoid is an intelligent recruitment software with the ability to help save your precious time, by automatically screening candidate applications and suggesting the best-fit candidates for a certain job profile in your company.

2) BrightHR

This HR automation tool comes from an established company in HR tech with a good amount of client retention and ongoing investment from senior leadership. You get off-the-shelf compliance reporting, automated time and attendance for your organization, and integrated onboarding across HRIS systems. BrightHR doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some other HR tools have but it’s a solid solution if you don’t need to re-invent any wheels when it comes to employee scheduling. The software is continually being improved by its active developer team so your experience is likely to get better over time.

3) Asana

Asana is a great project management tool for managing HR operations. The software enables you to create tasks and assign them to specific users and/or teams, view real-time updates on who’s working on what, make updates in one place, break projects into smaller tasks, and keep tabs on everything that’s going on in your business. For those looking for HR workflow automation tools that boost work efficiency, Asana is an excellent choice! Prices start at $9 per user per month (with a 30-day free trial). Plus, there are thousands of plugins available from third-party vendors including Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

4) Teamwork

Teamwork is an HR workflow automation software that gives small to midsize businesses (SMBs) cloud-based collaboration, employee management, and time tracking features. It lets you centralize employee data in one place, including benefits details, contact information, vacation balances, and performance reviews, and share it with employees or managers as needed. From a collaboration standpoint, Teamwork makes it easy to share files like Excel spreadsheets and Word documents with colleagues. You can also set up weekly meetings between employees to keep everyone on task without having to spend hours scheduling calls. Teamwork allows you to focus on business objectives while ensuring your employees are productive at all times.

5) Trello

No matter what HR or business operations task you’re working on, there’s a good chance that Trello can help. The platform offers time-saving features like card due dates and reminders, checklists, and notifications to keep your team up to date. Add tasks directly from your inbox via email integration or use third-party integrations for apps like Slack, Basecamp, and Salesforce. If you want more structure from Trello you can also add labels, priorities, and change boards based on different stages of a project. This kind of power comes at a price: Trello is one of the pricier HR automation tools we looked at but it definitely has its uses if you’re going to use it for more than just project management.

6) BambooHR

The BambooHR suite of HR software tools is designed to be fully integrated and to work together seamlessly. This HR automation tool allows you to easily create employee records and manage your payroll online, including integrating with major cloud accounting platforms such as Xero. BambooHR even lets you save time on recruiting by allowing candidates to complete their applications online. The intuitive software also includes mobile apps for both iPhone and Android devices, making it easy for users in all parts of your organization to access HR data whenever and wherever they need it. And, new employees can be onboarded in seconds using pre-populated information from previous employees who have been hired into similar positions within your company or industry.

7) HubSpot

Some of you might be thinking that all of these HubSpot features sound pretty impressive, but there’s no way I can afford them. The good news is that HubSpot offers a number of different plans to meet your needs and budget. First, there are three price tiers: Starter (free), Basic ($200/month), and Pro ($1,000/month). Each tier contains certain additional features; for example, Basic includes custom reports and Salesforce integration. But don’t worry! You can always move up or down at any time based on your needs. Plus, if you grow into one of their more expensive plans later on in your business’s lifecycle, they’ll give you credit towards a future bill for what you would have paid as an introductory rate. Cool!

8) TimeCamp

Unlike most other tools, TimeCamp doesn’t limit your reports to a standard HR tool-set—in fact, it can integrate with virtually any HR system. Because of its flexibility, TimeCamp is perfect for tracking employee vacation time as well as recording employee projects. That way you’ll always know what your employees are up to without having to track them down and ask (unless they don’t enter their own time). Additionally, TimeCamp has been designed with very intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use reporting tools. If there’s one HR automation software that blows all others out of the water, TimeCamp is it. Its user-friendly interface makes recording timesheets an absolute breeze, so you can focus on more important tasks than filling out timesheets. Plus, TimeCamp offers some handy templates and auto-completion features so your team can fill in their hours quicker than ever before. The best part? With an annual plan of $199 per year ($16 per month), TimeCamp has got to be one of the cheapest HR automation tools available today.

9) RocketTime

RocketTime is an HR workflow automation platform that helps you get accurate and timely employee information from many sources so you can stay compliant, reduce risk and improve efficiency. RocketTime supports single and multi-site organizations that need to manage many time zones, departments, employees, benefits providers, payroll systems, and vendors. Get details about your workforce by utilizing specific vendor integrations or an intuitive interface designed for managers who want to monitor their workforce with just a few clicks. In today’s ever-changing world of employment compliance, HR professionals have many responsibilities. Making sure everything gets done correctly, on time, and without mistakes is challenging! Use automated tools and software such as RocketTime to automate HR tasks that are not necessarily part of any current position but help ensure compliance! Save yourself hundreds of hours each year managing data entry-related tasks.

10) Gusto

HR automation software Gusto helps HR teams streamline many of their processes, including benefits, taxes, and onboarding. When it comes to working efficiency, the one-way Gusto provides that boost is through its new benefits-triggered payroll offering. The system automatically pulls relevant data from a company’s existing HR or payroll systems and uses that data to calculate payouts at set times during an employee’s period of leave. What’s more, Gusto offers flexibility; if an employee changes his or her mind about which options they want to add or remove from their coverage plan, they can do so via Gusto’s mobile app on the go with immediate effect. Gusto also integrates with over 100 HR and benefits services, making it easy for HR reps to upload everything from files associated with a specific hire such as social security cards—to time-off requests by employees. Of course, all of those perks come with a price tag: In addition to a standard pricing tier, users must commit $1 per head monthly for each employee in order to take advantage of Gusto’s full feature list.

11) Expensify

Expensify is free for companies with less than five people. Expensify offers many features that can help your business handle HR workflow automation tasks efficiently. You can get a professional-looking expense report in less than 30 seconds, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and wasted time. It’s very easy to use, supports mobile devices, and is totally secure. Expensify includes automated expense report creation, automatic mileage tracking, photo receipts, scan receipts, and editing/deleting of reports that are no longer needed. Not only does it save you time creating expense reports and supporting documents but it also makes filing expenses much easier for accountants because everything is electronic. This software is particularly helpful if you’re running a startup or small company without an HR department. You’ll want to try out their 14-day free trial offer first before making a commitment though because not all business needs will be met by this product.


HR automation software helps to boost work efficiency and cut down costs by automating repetitive tasks. Employing a comprehensive HR solution not only saves time but also costs. Some of these are free while others offer free trials or free functionality. It’s good to check out a wide range of options before taking a decision on which one is best for your organization. All ten tools have been used and recommended by some big names in business, so you can trust them with your employees’ records too! If you choose well, there is no limit to how much time and money it can save you as well as how efficiently you manage your team from now on!

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