10 Free Live Chat Apps in India for the Best Customer Conversations [2023]

For any business owner in India, it’s vital to ensure that you offer the best customer service possible. One of the best ways to do this, no matter what your industry, is by implementing live chat apps into your customer service strategy. Live chat apps allow you to have an ongoing conversation with your customers about their concerns and questions regarding your business or product, which builds trust and can lead to sales! That being said, there are no-code free live chat apps in India as well. These are the 10 best no-code live chat solutions that can be implemented on your website. For our purposes, let’s get a general understanding of what live chat is and how it benefits you.

What is a live chat app?

Live chat apps are more than just mobile apps and they can be used on many different platforms including on your website, through instant messaging, via email, and even over your social media channels. It allows users to reach out to you with their questions, problems, or complaints from their phones and tablets without ever having to pick up a phone. Live chat software is an important part of any online business today as it gives customers a chance to interact with you directly. The right free live chat apps in India will allow users to connect one-on-one with your business at any time of day, giving them peace of mind that they can get answers when they need them most. Mobile live chat also provides a great way for new customers to discover you who were not previously aware of your brand.

How does the live chat app work?

Most free live chat apps involve a chat window, which takes the form of a proactive chat window. For example, it might ask if you need help if you visit their website. Start the conversation by typing in the box at the top of the screen. Many websites also have a Contact Us button at the bottom right.

Chatbots can be used to respond to customer inquiries outside of regular hours, collect key customer information upfront, and ensure that a human agent responds to their question after the robot finishes serving another customer.

What are the benefits of using a live chat app?

Customers want to feel heard and valued, but often it’s hard to get their attention. With live chat apps, you can provide customer service while they’re looking to buy. Most popular free live chat software lets you send push notifications from your website, engage customers quickly when they arrive on your site, and bring them back around once they’ve left. It also allows you to convert abandoned shoppers or casual browsers into loyal repeat buyers.

When all is said and done, these are just some of the benefits of using a live chat app in India for engaging with potential customers on your website.

  • Increment deals
  • Quicker issue goal
  • Lessen costs
  • Further, develop client assistance and unwaveringness
  • Upper hands
  • Reports and investigation
  • Proactive effort
  • Client comfort
  • Grow market reach
  • Find client trouble spots

Here are 10 free live chat apps in India that are super easy to use and extremely effective when used as part of an online marketing strategy.

1) Olark

Olark is a free, real-time chat widget that can be embedded on any website to provide online visitors with fast, flexible customer service. The software offers one-to-one chats and group conversations, allowing companies to interact directly with customers. A virtual visitor map feature allows businesses to see where customers are coming from, or where they’re heading after their chat session. Olark integrates social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter that make it easy for users to share information about their favorite brands and services. Olark is also available as an app for iPhone and Android phones. The app features all of Olark’s live chat capabilities so businesses can respond to questions even when they’re away from their computer or tablet.

2) SnatchChat

SnatchChat works by allowing users to chat with a live customer service representative through any messaging app. Customers can get answers to their questions instantly and cut down on their time-wasting phone calls. SnatchChat is free and super simple to use, making it perfect for small businesses that have tighter budgets but still want great customer service. The best part? You don’t even need your website it works through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms too!

3) Freshchat

A free live chat app for WordPress that lets you quickly engage with visitors and allows them to speak to a real person, any time of day. It’s simple but very intuitive and is great if you want to get more out of your WordPress site. Freshchat integrates with both Facebook and Twitter so customers can easily sign up through their social networks. Plus, it’s easy to use within WordPress, which means less hassle all around!

4) Intercom

Intercom is an easy way to add live chat functionality to your website without building a whole new site. With Intercom, you can connect with customers who have specific questions and get them back on track quickly. You can also see how they found your website, which keywords were used, and follow up with those who aren’t ready to buy right away. Plus, every conversation is recorded in one place so you can use that information for future marketing campaigns or product launches. This kind of insight is extremely valuable if you are going through what many call a content funnel: writing and publishing articles, blogging, and hoping that someone will convert from a casual reader into a buyer.

5) Ringba

A freemium live chat app, Ringba is one of the very few messaging apps designed specifically for customer service. It integrates well with other tools and makes it easy to start conversations with customers. With a library of canned responses, customers can easily get answers to common questions though businesses need to shell out $15/month if they want more than 100 messages per month or access to transcripts. Ringba lets you have multiple agents on your account, but you’ll have to upgrade if you want any meaningful analytics. Despite its somewhat high price point, Ringba is a good app for small businesses that aren’t ready for robust (and expensive) live chat platforms like Intercom or Drift.

6) LiveChat

LiveChat is a globally popular live chat app that helps companies provide their clients with 24/7 online support. This is especially useful since 76% of customers who have issues with a brand’s product or service say they expect a response within one hour. LiveChat offers free and paid plans, so businesses can easily choose whichever option best fits their budget and needs. If you’re looking to connect with your customers on a more personal level, then LiveChat could be your perfect solution.

7) SnapEngage

While most of its competitors charge between $5 and $7 a month, SnapEngage is free to use forever. However, a Pro account costs only $12 per month and comes with advanced features such as one-to-one chat, screen sharing, and collaboration tools. It also has integration options like Zapier that make it more powerful than its other free alternatives. For instance, you can automate tasks by connecting your apps to SnapEngage. This way, you’ll be able to eliminate manual efforts or repetitive tasks (or both). It’s also worth noting that you can connect multiple Gmail accounts to manage them from one place.

8) is a popular live chat app among Indian business owners. It’s easy to use and integrates well with your website. There are also chatbots available that you can use to greet visitors automatically when they enter your site, ask them questions, and serve up information on your products or services based on their responses. A little more hands-on than some of its competitors, gives businesses more control over what’s happening during live chats. The platform supports most major languages and comes with 24/7 support via email and Twitter. All plans include unlimited messages and chats as well as for analytics for both agents and websites.

9) TalkDesk

Do you run a startup or an online business that sells something to Indian consumers? Or maybe you’re just looking to quickly and easily improve your customer service. No matter what your reasons are, TalkDesk is a great live chat app option for both startups and established companies alike. It’s free to use on all devices, including PC and Mac laptops/desktops, Android, iPhone, iPad, and all mobile browsers. There are also no limits on incoming chat sessions – so even if you get hundreds of visitors on your website each day (like us!), TalkDesk can handle it. More importantly: The team behind TalkDesk has built their product with Indian users in mind!

10) Tidio Live Chat

Tidio’s Live Chat is one of many live chat applications available to help businesses keep their customers and clients happy. Tidio’s chat allows users to connect with other people through a live chat window. The application also includes an interface that provides numerous reports and easy-to-understand analytics, allowing users to conduct both short-term and long-term analyses of their customer base. In addition, Tidio’s Live Chat is free to use if you have fewer than 5,000 daily visitors on your website, giving new companies an opportunity to get started without having to pay large sums of money upfront.


So there you have it! Our list of 10 free live chat apps in India for businesses. If you’re looking to add a touch of personality and charm to your customer support efforts, live chat is an awesome way to do it and that’s exactly why we think these are some of the best free Indian live chat apps available. For our purposes, we took a close look at free tools that offered unlimited (or near-unlimited) user accounts with mobile messaging included. While we realize not all businesses have the time or resources to invest in multiple apps, we also know that most would love extra help when answering their customers’ questions and messages.

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