10 Thoughtful Gifts That Will Make Her Smile

What do you get for the woman who has everything? It can be hard to find that perfect present, especially if she’s someone who travels frequently or works in an industry where looking good on the job is crucial. If you want to make sure that your gift shows her how much you care about her and her personal style, check out these 10 thoughtful gifts that will make her smile.

1) The beauty of a handmade necklace

If you’re trying to find a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend, consider a necklace. Any necklace will do, but handmade jewelry that’s personalized is ideal. Just remember: no one wants a necklace she can buy at any department store it has to mean something to her! And even if it doesn’t, most women appreciate it when their man puts in some effort. Jewelry with personal meaning can be particularly useful if your relationship is new and you want to impress your woman. There are plenty of custom jewelers online who specialize in customized pieces, including Etsy, where you can browse or even sell your creations (be prepared to spend some money). You might also try these tips for finding and picking out jewelry she’ll love.

2) How much thought goes into your gifts?

How much thought do you put into gifts for your girlfriend? Not just any gift will do. As a matter of fact, that teddy bear won’t cut it. At least not if you want to impress her. Since she spends most of her time with you, you need to know what kind of thing might make her happy or feel loved. That’s why one needs to learn a thing or two about personal style and thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend.

3) A chic fragrance for her mood board

If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend, then consider giving her a new perfume. Everyone has their favorite scent and finding one that fits their personal style can be a challenge. Creating a mood board with scents she likes and letting her choose which ones she wants will help you create a personalized fragrance she will really love and just may become part of her personal style forever. Some great choices are Prada Candy Florale ($75), Tom Ford Black Orchid ($200), or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ($80). It might seem like more than most would spend on perfume, but these fragrances come in an array of sizes so it is perfect for every budget. (via Popsugar)

4) Keep her organized

There’s nothing worse than being an organized person and looking for your keys only to realize they were in your purse all along. A cute keychain is a great gift for a girlfriend with a disorganized personal style because it will instantly fix one of her biggest problems. The Best. Thing. Ever. Every single time she loses her keys, or any other item, she’ll remember you and know it was worth spending that extra money on gift wrap to make her smile!

5) A personalized gift to make the everyday special

Often overlooked, a gift that makes her day easier may be just what she needs to get through her busy schedule. It can also be one of those thoughtful gifts for a girlfriend that could mean something special for both of you later on down the road. As an added bonus, it’s sure to make your relationship even stronger if you are able to do something in such a meaningful way rather than buying just another trinket as a token of appreciation.

6) A candle with an important meaning

You’ve seen lots of candle gift ideas but I wanted to focus on what makes them such thoughtful gifts for a girlfriend. We all know that candles are great for helping you unwind after a stressful day, but did you know that your scent can affect your mood? If she enjoys lavender, it could help promote restfulness in her body and mind. A simple shower with lavender essential oil is not only an excellent way to start winding down after a hard day but research suggests it might also soothe anxiety and depression. You could even add a few drops of calming oil to her bath or body lotion or use it in her diffuser before bedtime.

7) Cozy PJs for her alone time

A woman’s time in her pajamas is sacred. Give her an excuse to stay in them longer by giving her some super soft and cozy PJs. Hanes offers a great variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. They even have ones with matching lounge pants! Choose a gift you know she’ll love and make sure it doesn’t go straight into the laundry pile after being opened. These comfy loungewear pieces are meant to be worn for extended periods of time just like your relationship with your girlfriend!

8) In love with jewelry? Try matching sets

If you’re in love with jewelry, why not try a matching set? It’s an easy way to get a double bang for your buck. Matching sets make thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend and will also show her how much you care. If she loves necklaces, for example, go ahead and order a necklace and earrings set that she’ll love. If she already has something similar but needs to upgrade it, consider adding in a pair of diamond studs or colored stones to add some variety. If a watch is more her style, look into women’s bracelets with hidden watch pockets that can store her jewelry items securely on the go.

9) Beauty products she can’t live without

When you’re shopping for a woman, consider what she loves most. Maybe she loves to cook consider buying her a new kitchen gadget that will help her whip up a meal in no time. If she loves wine, gift her with a fancy bottle of red or white. Or maybe what she’s always wanted is some downtime at home maybe even with a mani-pedi? No matter what her passion is, make sure you’re thinking about it when you go to buy your thoughtful gift. You can never go wrong by putting some thought into your gift rather than just picking something random off the shelf.

10) Consider what she loves most

Is she into fashion? Is she a foodie? Does she enjoy cooking? Knowing her interests and passions can help you figure out what type of gift will really make her smile. After all, no one appreciates a generic gift that any girl could get at any time (though flowers are always appreciated). So put some thought into it if you want to give something thoughtful, there’s nothing wrong with giving a thoughtful gift. If you want to give a thoughtful engagement ring, contact Diamonds International today!

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